Процедуры технического обслуживания воздуходувки Roots и анализ ключевых моментов

Процедуры технического обслуживания воздуходувки Roots и анализ ключевых моментов


1.The working clearance of the Roots blower should be checked regularly, and corrective measures should be taken in time. The principle of this maintenance work is as follows: During the long-term operation of the three-blade blower, due to the corrosion of the impeller and the casing, there is a problem that the working gap increases. As a result, the internal leakage of the three-blade blower increases, and the temperature of the casing As the exhaust temperature increases, the flow rate of the fan decreases. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly stop the machine to measure the gap, and take strict and standardized correction measures to ensure the normal operation of the Roots blower.

2.During the operation of the Roots blower, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the blower has abnormal noise and friction. If found, it should be stopped immediately for maintenance. Pay attention to check whether there is friction between the impeller and the casing, the impeller and the impeller, the impeller and the wall panel inside the Roots blower casing, or whether there is foreign matter inhaled; when there is friction in the three-blade blower, and even serious friction If this happens, the local temperature rise of the casing will be too high, and the surface paint will be burnt. When this happens, stop working immediately, and contact the manufacturer or maintenance point for a standardized technical solution by a professional Roots blower engineer.

3.Establish a strict maintenance plan and strictly implement it. During the application of Roots blowers in normal times, it is necessary to pay attention to whether there are abnormal noises and vibrations in the running sound of the fan, and to check the temperature of the bearings and other daily parameters and attention to details.

4.The timely treatment of cooling water is also an important issue in the application of Roots blowers. During the operation of Roots blowers in the cold season in the cold north, especially in severe cold areas, after the blower that needs to use cooling water is stopped, the cooling water must be released first to prevent Freezing of stored water will cause damage to machinery and equipment.

5.The application of three-lobe Roots blower is inseparable from a wide range of fields such as aquaculture Roots blower, sewage treatment three-leaf blower and desulfurization Roots blower, negative pressure Roots blower, rotary Roots blower, etc. Since its use Wide and important, we must maintain the Roots blower regularly in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications, which not only ensures the efficiency and reliability of the equipment system, but also ensures that the service life of the Roots blower is extended as much as possible.

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